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TALS as an aesthetic and spa brand, its efficacy on anti-aging, skin whitening, moisturizing, soothing, and acne care has been clinically tested for a long period of time and demonstrated its effectiveness on the skin. TALS not only uses high quality ingredients but also capsulizes the active substances into the multiple-layered liposome of which structure is similar to the natural lipid barrier of the skin so that the actives could be delivered deep into skin. Under TALS brand, there are about 40 items for 8 different skin types including professional and home care products.

Among the professional products, there are 4 peptide ampoules which could be used with devices that increase penetration into dermis such as electroporation, ultrasound, meso-roller and meso-pen.

Main Ingredients


A proliposome consists of lecithin, phytosterols and natural oils to capsulize the various active substances, vitamins, and peptides. Cellike™ is manufactured by imitating the structure of skin cell membrane to deliver active ingredients more effectively than the formulation developed by synthetic emulsifiers. It strengthens the skin barrier and provides sufficient moisture and antioxidant effect to the skin.

Special Peptides Programs (For Mesotherapy)

Anti-aging / Skin Whitening / Hair Growth / Body Slimming

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