Cooperation System

cooperation system

SkinCure, Inc. continues technical partnership with BioSpectrum Life Science Institute.

BioSpectrum Life Science Institute is a global leading natural ingredients company with specialized R&D team and 2 main production facilities located at Osan city and Jeju Island.


    Biological Active Compounds can be defined as having an effect upon living tissues. SkinCure provides Biological Active Compounds that can be considered "claim oriented materials" that are designed to elicit specific effects from skin or hair.

    Biological Active Compounds tend to play a key role in the development of claims by finished goods houses and thus play a key role in marketing to the final consumer.

    SkinCure's Biological Active Compounds represent discrete molecular entities, designed to elicit a specific effect. We utilize a variety of technologies to approach this field, ranging from natural products related techniques, fermentation, biotransformation, and/or chemical modification to bring highly active compounds to the Cosmetic Industry.


    In order to limit the existence of residual solvents and to prevent the thermal degrading of the active substances at the time of extraction, SkinCure has initiated gentle and innovative extraction techniques:

    • · Extraction within a semi-fluid bed; use of aqueous solvents
    • · Extraction with organic solvents
    • · Vacuum microwave hydro-distillation (VMHD)
    • · Extraction using supercritical CO₂
    • · Development of biotechnological processes(Ex. Fermentation)

    In order to guarantee the quality and the reproducibility of its actives, SkinCure has created a series of traceability and control tools in order to verify the raw materials and main actives obtained after extraction:

      Validation of the resource (plants, algae, etc) prior to use:

    • · Traceability (origin, species, method of production, etc.)
    • · Identification of the main components by specific analytical techniques: Spectrophotometry, ICP, GC, HPLC...
    • · Verification of the microbial cleanliness

    • · Organoleptic and physico-chemical controls (pH, dry extract, salt content, protein rate, etc.)
    • · Identification of the tracers: amino-acids, specific sugars, aromatic mixtures
    • · Microbial cleanliness and lack of contaminants: heavy metals, arsenic, etc.
    • · Chemical and thermodynamic stability

      SkinCure makes it its duty to maintain high-level scientific expertise by developing high-tech research tools:

    • · In-vitro culture of fibroblasts, keratocytes and adipose cells
    • · In-vitro co-culture study or on Reconstituted Human Epidermis
    • · Implementation of immuno-labelling techniques
    • · Perfect knowledge of the cutaneous physiology
    • · Molecular biology techniques
    • · Study of the action mechanisms
    • · Effectiveness screening

      In order to validate the activity and the mode of action of its actives, SkinCure has implemented clinical studies using the latest available techniques:

    • · Objectification tests within the various partner laboratories
    • · Dermocosmetic studies
    • · Toxicity studies
    • · Organic-cert by Jeju province goverment verification and certification