• Composition for treatment and prevention of acne comprising Gnaphalium affine D. Don extract (Registration No. 10-1516866-0000)
  • Composition for treating or preventing acne comprising Caffeic acid or its derivative as an active ingredient (Registration No. 10-1409111-0000)
  • Composition for Improving Skin Conditions Comprising a swallow’s nest extract (Registration No. 10-1257381-0000)
  • A composition comprising Pachydictyon coriaceum extract (The registration No. 10-1070886-0000)
  • Compositions for Improving Skin Conditions Comprising Pterocladiella capillacea (Registration No. 10-1096206-0000)
  • Cosmetic compositions comprising Camellia japonica stamen with pollen and its extract for improving skin (Registration No. 10-1028701-0000)
  • Cosmetic application of defatted Camellia japonica Seed debris and seed coats and its extract (Registration No. 10-1065356-0000)
  • Camellia japonica flower composition which is extracted using cryogenic liquid nitrogen (Registration No. 10-0976788-0000)
  • Agents for Skin Whitening Comprising Oxalis hedysaroides (Registration No. 10-0917281-0000)
  • Antimicrobial composition comprising natural plant extract (Registration No. 10-0855314-0000)
  • Compositions for Improving Skin Conditions Comprising Enteromorpha Linza Extract as an Active Ingredient (Registration No. 10-0875755-0000)


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