• Q: The hallmark of SkinCure is “Homeostasis”. What does it mean?

    A: According to the Marriam-Webster dictionary, “Homeostasis” is the “Stable state of equilibrium”. SkinCure products are developed with the basis of "We only carry the products which are beneficial to human and also not harmful to the environment." This means that not only the skin’s metabolism and structure are taken into account, but also aspects of our environment are considered.

    SkinCure products should be in harmony with the skin and consider the needs of the environment and animals. What it really means is that the products exhibit the following characteristics: free from chemical preservatives, perfume-free, with bio-lipids (multiple layered liposomes) which occur naturally in the skin, with valuable natural oils, free from mineral oils, free from animal ingredients and with minimal packaging.

  • Q: Why do you not use preservatives, pigments and perfumes?
         There are plenty of people who can tolerate these substances.

    A: The statistical surveys on allergies revealed what the most common allergy triggers in cosmetics are. These are perfumes, pigments and chemical preservatives. It is completely unreasonable to suggest that these substances are safe because they can be tolerated for a period of time. Anyone who believes such a thing doesn’t know much about allergies. Before an allergy reflects on the skin, there is first a sensitization process which has to pass at least 5 days, but can take many years. This risk can only be reduced if one does not use dangerous allergens.

  • Q: Why does it smell unfamiliar?

    A: None of SkinCure products contains artificial fragrances. Instead, a natural aroma is added. Such natural aroma is neither strong nor long-lasting. Thus, it may smell peculiar over time after opening it, because of the mixed flavors of cosmetic ingredients.

    Most of the cosmetic ingredients contained are natural and highly dense. Because the scent is originated from plants, some people may feel like smelling same as ‘Oriental medicine’, ‘wild nature’, or ‘ointment’. Actually if any artificial flavor is added, such unfamiliar smell will be readily removed. However, it is well-known that artificial flagrances have negative effects on human body. For this reason, we chose not to use artificial fragrances, but to use natural aroma because they are absolutely safe and environment-friendly although they don’t smell attractive or sweet. Once you have been familiarized with these natural aromas, you will become more comfortable with them than any others.

  • Q: Is it really, truly natural?

    A: Lots of chemical compounds such as artificial flavors, colors and preservatives are the most common cause of cosmetic allergic reactions. In order to protect consumers against such risk, we don’t use any of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and surfactants (except Washers) in manufacturing products. In addition, we have constantly studied aiming at minimizing the amount of chemicals added to formulas.

    All products except for detergents don’t contain any of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or any medicine ingredients such as steroid. Strictly speaking, our products contain a kind of acidity regulator intended to regulate the acidity of product and a little solvent, the levels of which have been officially approved for manufacturing organic food or natural cosmetics in other countries such as Germany.

    Don’t be taken in by the seductive claims of perfect 100% natural formulas on the market. Actually, as of now, it is impossible to create a purely, perfectly natural formula with the current technology. Of course, it is possible to make a handmade cosmetic formula to be consumed at home within a week. But, it is also at a poor level, e.g., homemade pack. Given that the available period of commercially distributed cosmetics is about two or three years, it is almost impossible to make perfectly natural formulations with neither deterioration nor decomposition over the said period.

  • Q: You use “multi-layered liposomes” in your products.
         What is special about them?

    A: Multi-layered liposomes consist of the same lipids of which the skin is composed. Thereby, under normal circumstances, an allergic reaction is excluded. It is impossible to imagine a more natural skincare. But multi-layered liposomes also have a number of other benefits: they greatly increase the skin’s moisture content resulting in a clearly smoother and more beautiful skin. They transport important active ingredients such as skin-friendly vitamins deep into the skin so that they can deploy their effect in the right places. Together with evening primrose oil and tea tree oil, multi-layered liposomes have a really wonderful effect on impure skin with blemishes.

  • Q: Is it really environment-friendly, isn’t it?

    A: SkinCure minimizes packing materials for the protection of environment. All the packing materials used are recyclable.

    Adopted by SkinCure for its products, the natural emulsification technique  multilayer liposome contains same lipid as human skin cells. The lipid is essential for forming skin cellular membranes or filling up intercellular space. SkinCure formula employs the above-mentioned liposome for the purpose of keeping the skin the closest to nature. Since the key emulsifiers were originated from nature, they are quickly biodegradable when exposed to nature. In other words, they have almost no effect on natural environment.

    SkinCure uses only pure natural oils instead of non-refined mineral oils or paraffin. Mineral oils are cheap so that they can achieve considerable cost reduction. However, if applied to the human skin for a long time, the oily membrane of the skin itself becomes unbalanced, interfering with the regeneration of natural skin barrier. In addition, when exposed to surroundings, it doesn’t deteriorate easily. Containing natural oils, NoSte product series regenerate, care and moisturize adequately the skin barrier as well as contribute to the protection of environment.

  • Q: How does SkinCure control the quality of product?

    A: SkinCure and its partner, BioSpectrum Life Science Institute have given top priority to safety by performing material selection, efficacy evaluation, skin testing, formula selection, formula stability testing, microbial testing, heavy metal testing and so on in the step of product development. NoSte meets consumer needs for the quality of product. Unlike other competitors in the cosmetics industry running after ever-changing trends, SkinCure and BioSpectrum conduct product development through manufacturing on the basis of scientific researches and their results. We’re striving to research and develop products aiming to create sophisticated and effective formulas capable of keeping the skin the most natural and healthy.

  • Q: I’ve heard that artificial preservatives are more harmful than expected. It is true?

    A: The risk of preservatives has been reported and well-known by recent studies. The reported risk is bringing many cosmetics manufacturers a big worry. According to a published report submitted to the academic circles in early 2004, paraben is associated with female breast cancer. A recent study also reported that isothiazolone, a typical preservative used widely for shampoo may cause significant risk among children. All of our products are artificial preservative-free!

  • Q: Although they are truly natural products, why they are relatively cheap?

    A: Usually, natural products are expensive because of the high costs required for manufacturing processes. In fact, if we make almost perfectly natural products on the basis of our long-year experience and know-how, their manufacturing costs will increase approximately by three through ten times.

      Nevertheless, the reasons why our products are relatively cheap compared with those of other competitors such as pharmaceutical companies are as follows:

    • 1. Competitiveness of Product-manufacturing Costs: A product developer, BioSpectrum has enjoyed a reputation primarily for supplying cosmetics materials, especially natural materials. Thus, since the company manufactures directly most of materials required for product manufacture, instead of relying upon material merchandisers or import, it has the advantage of cost reduction. Actually, we hold the competitiveness of producing natural products at the cheapest price across the world.

    • 2. BioSpectrum has its own, exclusive know-how of extracting and using natural ingredients. Recently, the company successfully developed a wholly natural preservative system, published the outcome in the International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary (ICID) and was acknowledged regarding its technology. Such the technology-based applications are embodied all over the products of SkinCure. The other existing manufacturers of natural products have purchased and used high-price natural preservatives, which influences immediately the prices of their products.

    • 3. We have adopted direct sales system without other distributing procedure. The more are distributing procedures, the heavier is the financial burden laid upon the end-users  because of cumulative margins. For the reason, minimizing distributing procedures is profitable to end-users in the aspect of price.

    • 4. We always strive to provide the highest-quality products at the lowest price. Especially for skin disease care products, we prepare elaborately the products with expecting more people to benefit from them, rather than hunting for profits. So, our margin is radically minimized to ensure that consumers can purchase our products at affordable prices on the market. The price is cheap, but the quality is high.
  • Q: Should they be kept refrigerated because of natural products?

    A: Our products are natural but don’t require cold storage. We had performed the study on their storage at room temperature for a long time and as the result, it was found that there was no significant problem concerning preservative matters or change in the content of active ingredients. In general, if the products are applied to the skin after cold storage, their penetration into the skin may decrease slightly. In addition, either extraction or sedimentation of active ingredients may occur during cold storage. Thus, unless they are special products such as vitamin C or retinol, they need not to be kept refrigerated.

  • Q: After application, my skin seems to get dry a little.
         Doesn’t it have poor moisturizing effect?

    A: You may think that our products have relatively poor moisturizing effect due to the special nature of liposome formulation. It is known that liposome penetrates into the skin very quickly compared to other usual formulations. Other usual formulations induce moisturizing effect by forming oil membrane on the surface of skin, whereas our products do so by penetrating into the skin and adding moisturizing ingredients to the individual cells and intercellular spaces.

    Accordingly, even if the surface of skin appears dry, it induces the essential moisturizing effect in the skin so that its regular and long-term application leads to appropriately moist skin. Its considerable moisturizing effect was demonstrated in a clinical study with humans performed by Seoul National University. The outstanding moisturizing effect of our products has been scientifically recognized to the extent that it was published in a highly reputed international journal (Subject: Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and atopic dermatitis-mitigating effects of BASAM, a multicompound preparation / Journal Name: Journal of Ethnopharmacology).

  • Q: How long is it available (expiration date)?

    A: The available period of SkinCure products is usually 30 months; some of them are available for 36 months. The manufactured date and expiration date are marked or labeled on the packing box or at the bottom of product container.

    There are powerful antifungal and antioxidant substances in nature. We succeeded in developing a safe preservative complex called “Naturotics” by combining properly these substances, and use the complex for all kinds of products.

    The natural preservative complex is absolutely safe, and capable of preventing effectively deterioration and contamination within the specified available period, similarly to artificial preservatives. Especially, the complex has been registered in the International Cosmetics Ingredient Dictionary and officially approved as a cosmetic ingredient. Further, it has been exported to Germany which is famous for its high-tech technology in the globe.

  • Q: How can I identify the manufactured date?

    A: Notation for Expired date
    Exp is the abbreviated word of Expired date.
    Exp 0000.00 indicates the expired date including Exp, year and month.
    Notation for Manufactured date
    In addition to Exp, other English marks are intended for the manufacturer to control the quality. Because it is also 3-digit English, be careful not to confuse it with the manufactured date. If along with the English marks by the manufacturer, date, month and year are marked, it indicates the manufactured date.
    Both the manufactured date and expired date are marked or labeled on SkinCure products.

  • Q: What innovation can be expected from SkinCure in the near future?

    A: In 2004, we had a sensational breakthrough in product development with the NoSte line. These are skincare products which do not cause allergic skin reactions, as they contain exclusively active ingredients, nutrient and vitamins which occur naturally in the body.