About us

Reveal your true beauty
with Jeju’s warm heart!

SkinCure, Inc. started its business with a desire to help people suffering from skin diseases. In 2004, it was established as a bio-venture company in Jeju Island where the most beautiful and purest area with full of green energy in South Korea.

Only using strictly selected natural ingredients, SkinCure is devoted to developing a new technology and producing reliable products of which effectiveness is scientifically proven.

SkinCure has been being against any use of artificial, synthetic, or chemical ingredients which could make the texture better but harmful to our body considering the safety as our top priority.

We know luxurious packaging, texture, color, and fragrance of a product are also important, but we are more focused on how to solve your skin problems and the effectiveness of the content, not on what its appearance is.

Our skin is getting lots of stress by having exposed to polluted environment and numerous chemical substances. For these reasons, along with the increased interest on well-being life style, demand for natural cosmetics tends to rise. However, it is not easy to find reliable natural cosmetics in the market.

Numerous cosmetics companies claim that they make pure natural products. However, most of them are using small amount of natural ingredient as a concept. SkinCure has been insisting only natural surfactants, natural preservatives, natural pigments, and natural fragrances.

We promise you that we will endeavor to develop the most reliable and purest natural cosmetics with honest.